The American West is my soul place, and I am not alone. Its iconic skies, clarion light, dramatic terrain and indefatigable vegetation have nourished the minds of many visitors, residents and artists. It's as if the depth of the horizon initiates an algorithm to produce commensurate depth of vision and meditation.

This title is taken from the interior monologue of Ed Tom Bell, the fictional sheriff of Terrell County, Texas, in Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, set in the borderlands of West Texas. I don't believe that truth is an indisputable record that will make itself known to mankind; that no matter my activities, truth will persist like a higher power. But I do agree with Ed Tom Bell, to the letter: We will always have truth.

What's the truth about the American West? It's beautiful. It has had many possessors. It inspires awe. It inspires conflict. These truths are there yet.