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The world is categorized into many dichotomies: good/bad, male/female, liberal/conservative, known/unknown, etc. These binaries can be useful for making quick decisions to feel safe and right, but they oversimplify reality. The works presented in ABANDON/CONTROL respond to tensions caused by binary systems of thought. Starting with found objects (nets, bags, yarn, texts) that represent forms of containment and assigned roles, I apply transformational processes (monoprinting, extracting) to create poetic expressions of subversion, exploration and reinvention.

These works were made at Residencia Corazón in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in June and July of 2016. The resulting solo exhibition, held in the Residencia Corazón Gallery on July 2, 2016, was curated by Ana Contursi and Alicia Valente.