Billi London-Gray | Petrified Forest Artists-in-Residence Portfolio (2014)

Billi London-Gray and Daniel Bernard Gray are pleased to be working as Artists in Residence at Petrified Forest National Park this summer. This gallery includes images of their artwork displayed in the Painted Desert Inn. Images of sunprints made in collaboration with park visitors are viewable at

For information, email or Tweet @billilg.
Sunset over the Dunes by Billi London-GraySunrise on the Chisos by Billi London-GrayBrewster County Vista by Billi London-GrayDavis County Vista, No. 2 by Billi London-GrayDavis County Vista, No. 3 by Billi London-GrayLook Up, Davis Observatory by Billi London-GrayView to Mexico by Billi London-GraySanta Elena Canyon by Billi London-GrayBlue Creek FireFossil SeashellsBarry Scobee MountainPreserve, Protect and Defend by Billi London-GrayPreserve, Protect and Defend No. 2 by Billi London-GrayFrom These Honored Dead We Take Increased Devotion by Billi London-GrayIt Is for Us the Living by Billi London-GrayFrustrated by Taking Time by Billi London-GrayCreated Equal by Billi London-GrayNo Prediction in Regard to It Is Ventured by Billi London-GrayDivide Effects by Negotiation by Billi London-GrayA Result Less Fundamental and Astounding by Billi London-Gray