Billi London-Gray | Moved Earth

Fingers of water, fingers of air —
Fingering softly to build,
Slinging sharply to grind
Mountains and continents
To dusty smooth forms,
Where children curl in their toes
To run or roll or bury or dredge,
Where grown-ups frolic naked
On sun-warmed evening dunes,
Where soldiers of fortune staked
Their claims for empires in bloom —
Move us with care so we may savor
The paths we cross and blaze,
The prints we leave to be erased.
Longshore Drift No. 1Longshore Drift No. 2Longshore Drift No. 3Fetch Effect No. 1Not Superlative Natural Phenomena No. 1Not Superlative Natural Phenomena No. 2Not Superlative Natural Phenomeno No. 3