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In March 2020, shortly after Covid-19 had been declared a pandemic, I participated in the Landlinks project by Ground Works. This video is my contribution to the project.

The aim of the Landlinks project is to review encounters with our various environments; to avoid ‘attachment’ to subjects by searching out those that are ‘interesting’ or that fall into William Gilpin’s definitions of ‘Beautiful, Sublime or Picturesque’; to let go of the desire to find the definitive subject and to leave that choice to chance.

The Landlinks walk was made by over 20 international walking artists and was synchronized to take place over several continents. It was governed by a ‘time/distance script’ to choreograph the artist’s activity. Artists were asked to respond to this series of chosen stopping points and moderate their gaze and choice of subject by adhering to various ‘prompt’ words.

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