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This series of works, produced from 2017 to the present, addresses the relationship between language, belief, and power with regard to difficult facets of American society, such as gender inequality, racial inequality, white hegemony / supremacy, and capitalism.
(L-R) Protection Charms, Commodified; What's in a Name; Enhancing Safety in the InteriorEnhancing Safety in the InteriorEnhancing Safety in the Interior(L-R) Protection Charms, Commodified; Enhancing Safety in the InteriorProtection Charms, CommodifiedProtection Charms, Commodified (detail)What's in a NameWhat's in a Name (cover and binding)What's in a Name (interior spread)What's in a Name 1What's in a Name 2What's in a Name 3What's in a Name 4What's in a Name 5What's in a Name 6What's in a Name 7What's in a Name 8What's in a Name 9Pioneer SpiritSense-Soothing Camouflage and Protection Charms