Billi London-Gray | Tender 6
This gallery contains Billi London-Gray's submissions for Tender, issue 6. Thank you for visiting the gallery.

Billi London-Gray is an artist, writer and curator based in San Marcos, Texas. Her work employs many modes of expression to examine the revisionistic nature of human narratives.

Works presented in this gallery are elements of two larger series: Cozy, an ongoing installation project; Access, a collaborative interdisciplinary exhibition; and Interlife, an ongoing intermedia project. Additional images and videos from these series can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks in the previous sentence.
Cozy (Version 1)Cozy (Version 2)Cozy (Version 3)Cozy (Version 4)Cozy (Version 5)Let Me In Let Me OutCarrie White SandsPenelope GuadalupeCreate Consume Participate ResistThe Vast Disorder of Objects