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Play Nice

Hand-embroidered text, pillowcases, pillows, embroidery hoop, needle
Dimensions variable

This sculptural array voices responses to daily experiences of sexism and diminutization:

-Please put me in my place.
-My body is your business.
-You are so wise.
-Explain it to me.
-I'm not a girl.
-Remind me again how my life went.
-Tell me another paternalistic anecdote.
-Harassment makes me feel so special.
-Jesus loves me? I'll get a restraining order.
-Your views are normal.
-Sorry I was just thinking.
-I learned all my self-fulfilling prophecies from you.
-Do it for me. I like being dependent.
-Protect me. I like being afraid.
-You know I'll take less.
-I'm asking for it.