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Billi London-Gray and Daniel Bernard Gray frequently collaborate on projects that connect contemporary political and social issues with historic narratives. As part of a larger body of work dealing with revisionism, this exhibition probes displacement as both a social reality and a psychological concept.

Choosing reference points from history, fiction, and public memory, the artists reflect on motives for place-possession and displacement: hope for a better life, a sense of identity, the lust for dominion, and the desire to be a faultless protagonist, to name a few.

The primary question underlying these works is this: How do we — and how should we — regard the places of others and the rightness of our own?

This exhibition was made possible through support from the Petrified Forest Artist-in-Residence Program, the Madroño Ranch Artist-in-Residence Program and the University Galleries.

ON VIEW: May 30 through July 26, 2015, at the Texas State University Galleries
City of GodCity of GodCity of God, detailCity of God, detailCity of God, detailCity of God, detailCity of God and Toying with HistoryCity of God and Our Rapid MultiplicationOur Rapid Multiplication (still)City of God (background)